"Jerry West was an incredible and unique individual, having accomplished immeasu rable heights in the game of basketball. He reached the absolute pinnacle of the sport as both a player and executive, something few can claim in the profession . He did so much for the NBA, the game of basketball and each of the teams he wa s associated with during his unmatched career, including the Warriors. Jerry had a profound and immense impact on our franchise and was instrumental in our rece nt decade of success. Personally, as a child, despite growing up a Celtics fan in Massachusetts, Jerry was my idol and I loved him. To me, he was basketball. He was not just about th e actual game, but he personified competitiveness. He was the most competitive i ndividual I have ever met, settling for nothing short of greatness. He had to wi n. It consumed him. He was bigger than life. He was an icon. We are devastated with today’s news of his passing and extend our prayers and s upport to his wife, Karen, his entire family and the NBA community." - Joe Lacob
「Jerry West 是一位令人難以置信且獨特的個人,他在籃球運動中取得了無法估量的成就 。他作為球員和管理者都達到了這項運動的巔峰,這是極少數人能在這個行業中做到的事情 。在他無與倫比的職業生涯中,他為NBA、籃球運動以及每支他所效力的球隊,包括勇士隊 ,做出了巨大的貢獻。Jerry 對我們的球隊有著深遠而巨大的影響,他對我們最近十年的成 功起到了關鍵作用。 對我個人來說,儘管我在麻州長大且是塞爾提克的球迷,但Jerry 是我的偶像,我愛他。對 我來說,他就是籃球。他不僅僅是籃球運動的象徵,更是競爭精神的化身。他是我所見過的 最具競爭力的人,他對於勝利的渴望達到了極致。他必須要贏,這成為了他生命的一部分。 他超越了生活,他是一個偶像。 我們對今天他去世的消息感到無比悲痛,並向他的妻子 Karen、他的整個家庭以及NBA社區 表示我們的祈禱和支持。」— Joe Lacob RIP 造就勇士王朝的重要推手 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: (日本) ※ 文章網址:
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